Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Will Wait for You!

People say "no news is good news."  The people that say that are clearly not adopting a child.  No news to us is just no news, and no Samuel, yet.  Although we are still waiting for the official paper work to arrive, we did get some details about when we might possibly be expecting it.  There is a state-level committee that meets roughly every two to three weeks, and we are guessing that next time they convene they will be able to send us what we need.  The last time they met was two weeks ago, so we are hoping any day now!  

While we are waiting, we have done a little more work on Samuel's room, purchased some boy toys, and  worked on stocking his closet and drawers.  The girls love being in his room and think his toys are super fun to play with.  Speaking of the girls, this blog is to update our adoption process, and they are a huge part of it, so I shall update y'all on Lilly Grace and Alex (i.e. brag on our munchkins).

Lilly Grace is extremely headstrong but has the sweetest heart and sees the best in every situation.  I complained about all of the rain and nasty weather, and LG replied, "I like it Mommy.  I like that the farmers can grow strawberries and other foods."  Way to see the silver lining, kid!  She has mastered writing her name, and it looks great.  She had the L-I-L-L part down for a while, but the Y was seemingly tricky.  Not anymore.  She's a pro. Her prayers have also become increasingly more meaningful and heartfelt.  A few nights ago, her dinner time prayer went like this, "Dear God, please let all the nations praise your name. Amen."  Wow!  Despite the fact that quite often she wins the award for most spankings in a day, she truly is so precious, loves the Lord, and has a lot of wisdom packed into her three year old frame.

Alex is our drama queen, but is also such an easy child.  She never wants anybody to be upset and will run and give a hug to anybody who is hurt or crying.  She is quite the chatterbox.  She talks nonstop from sun up to sun down, and has recently become obsessed with singing as well.  We sing Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the ABCs, Baby Beluga, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider numerous times every day.  I had to turn down a song on the radio this morning so we could belt out the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Her biggest newest accomplishment is being potty trained!  Wearing big girl panties like Lilly Grace and her cousins is the coolest thing ever in her book.  Accidents still happen, but she is doing fantastic.

Brent has been working super hard lately.  He is juggling his normal work load, the legislative session, campaigns, getting his master's degree, being a husband and father... and adopting!  Whoa!  Impressive isn't it?  And let me add, he grilled out steaks for us a couple days ago that were out of this world scrumptious! 

I am not trying to be one of those people who goes on and on about her perfect family, but who wants to hear me gripe about the yucky stuff?  Like how I got to bathe my child in a public bathroom today, then I got her poop under my fingernails.  Yucky isn't it?  Gross stuff, bad attitudes, spankings, regrets, fevers, and fights happen, but there's no fun in going there.

Anyhow, last blog I promised pictures that never became a reality.  I will do that right now.  Good night folks!  Stay warm through Snowmageddon #2.  We are just getting cold rain here in the Gump.  And keep up your prayers.  We definitely appreciate them.  Let's get Samuel home. 

Lilly Grace and Alex wearing pajamas that match the blue pajamas for Samuel they are holding.  The girls are on his bottom bunk bed.

 The girls are "modeling" Sam's ladder to get to his top bunk.

Sam's beds.  That's Jumbo and Roscoe up top.  We still need to paint his desk, get a rug, and add a few things to the wall. 

P.S. We have a few photos of Sam, but we are not allowed to post them on here.  Rest assured, this is one super cute four-year old kid.

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