Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And the Paperwork Begins

We received the first official word back from Lifeline Children's Services today.

They received our application and began promptly loading us up on information (see photo). You know, just a couple hundred pages of reading material about how the beginning of the process will work.

Lifeline has placed us in the hands of an awesome, godly team to help us to the "gotcha day" and beyond. We can't wait to meet Beth (Colombia social worker) and Dave (head of international adoptions)!

Included in the material today was their Colombia Adoption Manual,Colombia Alabama Supplement, Adoption Policies & Practices, sample agreement, and the fee schedule. The latter is a significant investment but also an opportunity to let God stretch our faith.

From the start, Becky and I have asked God to use this journey of adoption to show us more of his grace and mercy and to continuous expand our faith. So far, He has definitely done just that, and we really haven't even scratched the surface. Please join us in this prayer.


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