Sunday, December 23, 2012

Home Study Starts

It's been a busy week, as is to be expected the week before Christmas. We were honored to host our awesome Sunday School class at our house Thursday night, and it was a blast.

Starting that morning, however, Becky and I dropped off the girls at school and headed to Troy. What, you say? The title of this post is "Home" Study...yes, our "home study" started in Troy. We spent over three hours talking with Sherry, the social work Lifeline and God placed in our lives. We first met Sherry a few months ago at the Lifeline orientation meeting at our church, First Baptist Church, set up by the amazing Birchfields.

During the visit, we covered a variety of topics, including: our relationship, family situation, work, children, motivation for adopting, and everything in between. Sherry filled us in on the voluminous paperwork we have to complete during this 3-4 month period.

It's comforting knowing the detail the adoption agencies, US government, and foreign governments go through in order to ensure the safety of adopted children. Becky and I don't see this deep questioning or mountain of paperwork as intrusive, but instead, we view it as part of the amazing miracle of adoption.

Imagine what Christ endured to see that we could be adopted into his family. This is so easy compared to that. As we finish up Christmas Eve Eve, remember that Christ came as a baby as the first step in our adoption process.

Merry Christmas to all our incredible family and friends!

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