Monday, December 3, 2012

How It All Began

Welcome!  I am very new to this whole blogging thing, and I am not sure how frequently I will update it.  However, we would like to share our journey in growing our family through adoption.  A precious gal in our Sunday School class encouraged us to blog our journey, so here goes!

I guess I should begin with some basics of our current family.  I, Becky, am the mom.  I am currently an RN in the Emergency Department.  Brent is the dad.  He is a political consultant and lobbyist.  We have been married for four years, and have been blessed with two precious daughters.  Lilly Grace is two years old, and Alex is eight months old.  Lilly Grace is a bundle of energy, and she puts her whole heart into whatever she is doing.  Alex is laid back, happy, and such an easy child.  We also have a little miniature dachshund named Lucy. 

Brent and I have casually talked about adoption in the past, but within the past two months the Lord laid it heavily on both of our hearts.  I was at work one Sunday, and I had this overwhelming feeling to talk to Brent about international adoption.  I came home from work intending to bring it up over supper.  I walked to the fridge to fix drinks, and saw that Brent had put a flyer on the fridge from church about adoption!  Over the next several weeks, in addition to prayer, we attended an adoption meeting at church, e-mailed several families that had adopted, e-mailed back and forth with Lifeline Adoption Services, and had lunch with the Birchfields - an amazing couple who are serving as our adoption mentors of sorts.  We also told our families, and they all were extremely excited and supportive!  We knew it was time to get the ball rolling.

The next big step was figuring out from what country we would adopt.  We wanted to go the easy route and choose a country that would be "easy", requiring the least amount of time in-country.  Thus, our first thought was Bulgaria.  The Lord revealed to us that His plan isn't always "easy," but he is Sovereign, and will guide us every step of the way.  We once again did more research, e-mailed with those at Lifeline, and then the Lord revealed part of His plan to us.  While sitting in my living room, I had this overwhelming sensation that our child will be in Colombia! My body was covered in chills, and my heart was racing. I texted Brent and told him to call me immediately!  I told him, "It's Colombia!!!"  He then told me that Colombia had been on his mind all day, and that he had been researching the country.  Talk about a "Wow, God!" moment!!!!  (Adopting from Colombia requires 4-8 weeks in country - much different than the cumulative week and half that's required in Bulgaria).

We have begun the paperwork, but this will most likely be a several year process. However, like I said - the Lord is Sovereign and we must trust His timing.  We have turned in our application, and Lifeline has contacted us to let us know that it has been received.  We will be hearing more from them this week and will keep you updated. We covet your prayers.  There is a huge chance that our child is already alive, so please pray for this precious child as well.  

God Bless You!

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