Monday, September 15, 2014

MaMere and Pops Are Here!

The day started out really early today.  Brent was up at 3am to be ready to be picked up by the taxi before 4.  I fixed him a fried egg and cheese sandwich, while he got ready and got the rest of his belongings together.  Brent headed out the door, and I luckily was able to go back to sleep for a couple more hours. 

While Brent had well over 12 hours of traveling (epitome of misery), we had a pretty great day here in Medellin.  The kids woke up to grandparents, which is basically like heaven no matter how old you are.  The three munchkins were giddy with excitement, and Samuel really likes MaMere and Pops. 

Our Sunday followed suit with our other Sundays here.  We had pancakes, bacon, and bananas for breakfast.  Maybe I should be embarrassed to admit this, but I love when the house smells like bacon for several hours after breakfast.  Everybody ate well, we played, and then had our little version of church here in the apartment.  Samuel and Lilly Grace both have a knack for remembering song lyrics, and Alex never forgets the few songs that she knows. 

Following church, we headed out for a walk.  Pops recommended us going a different way than we had in the past, and his recommendation was brilliant!  We stumbled upon a public park, which albeit tiny, was on flat ground and perfect for three munchkins.  They played so hard, and worked up that precious little kid stink quickly.  By the time we walked back, they were all hungry and thirsty.  They had a small snack, then MaMere and Pops kept them very entertained, giggling, and playing while I fixed lunch.

Following lunch, more play-time, and naps, Lilly Grace helped MaMere make trail mix.  My sweet and clever mother brought tons of ingredients from home to make stuff here with the kids.  5 of the 6 of us loved it.  Samuel did not.  He had never had peanut butter before we met us, so the Reese's pieces were bizarre to him.  Watching him try peanut butter is like watching a dog eat a pill wrapped in peanut butter: it's pitiful but hysterical.  He also had never had raisins or yogurt covered raisins, so they seemed kind of bizarre to him.  We have made huge strides when it comes to Italian food, so we will save the peanut butter and raisins for later down the road.

My parents offered to treat us to dinner.  It was an evening with blue skies, a few white puffy clouds, and a slight breeze.  The weather was perfect.  I grabbed rain jackets just in case we got chilly, and we embarked on the uphill trek to several open-air restaurants.  Dinner started with all three children griping, whining, snatching, and acting like kids with low blood sugar. After a few sips of mandarin juice, their whining was cured!  We all ate well, and a lot.  It was yummy!  And then, all three kids got funny looks on their faces and grabbed their bellies.  Samuel talked about "po-po," Alex about "poo-poo" and Lilly Grace looked kinda green as she claimed, "I really gotta poop."  All you non-mamas, I apologize for the potty talk, but they all seem to always be stricken at the same time.  Luckily, I survived a public Colombian bathroom with three little ones with upset tummies.  Mega success!  It helps that they keep their bathrooms much cleaner than bathrooms are kept in the states. 

While in the bathroom, we heard something that sounded like rain, which I knew was impossible since there were recently almost no clouds in the sky.  Was I ever wrong!  We got to walk home along side the highway with three kids in tow in a thunderstorm!  Were we ever a humorous sight to behold.  The kids thought it was great, and honestly it was kind of a fun adventure.  It made for a memorable ending to a wonderful day! 

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