Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nana and Papa are Here!

Last night at 8:32, we received a call asking Brent to come downstairs.  Brent's parents, Tim and Linda, or more appropriately known as Nana and Papa, had arrived.  I am not sure words can express how excited we were to see them, or how elated we were to watch them meet their grandson for the first time. 

Evidently, we weren't the only ones who felt like kids on Christmas Eve.  3 certain kiddos couldn't fall asleep either in anticipation.  Samuel's eyes were wide open when Brent walked in, and he was quick to give hugs to Nana and Papa.  It is evident that he really enjoys being a part of a big family.  The girls were also awake enough to give out big grins and big hugs.   Needless to say, all three kiddos woke up super early this morning with excitement over Nana and Papa.  Papa must have been excited, too, as he got up an entire hour before he intended. 

The morning began with pancakes and church.  Lilly Grace and Alex make my heart melt when they sing worship songs.  Samuel is quickly learning some of the children's songs.  We ended with letting Samuel pick out a Bible story to read.  He chose Noah's Ark, which was perfect since Nana brought tons of Noah's Ark stickers for the munchkins.  They enjoyed decorating their papers with Noah, the ark, rainbows, and animals.  We even sang all bazillion verses of "Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory Glory."

Nana and Papa brought all kinds of goodies to keep the kids entertained.  Aren't grandparents just amazing?!  They even brought baking sheets for the oven!  We originally packed a decent amount of toys and entertainment, but the kids are getting tired of the same stuff day-in and day-out.  Obviously, every toy and trinket Nana and Papa pull out is just the most amazing thing in the world. The highlight was Beanie Baby Puppies.  They toted them around everywhere, including to nap and bedtime. 

Instead of our typical meandering walk we've done the other Sunday mornings, we walked to Carulla - the Publix of Medellin.  We got a few groceries we had forgotten, and then went out for lunch.  We have had few amazing meals, but this one was incredible!!!  On top of that, the kids overall were phenomenal, which makes any good meal fantastic!  It was an Italian restaurant with a few other options.  The kiddos split pizza and spaghetti.  For a kid that was repulsed by pasta, Samuel has really been raking in the noodles lately.  Brent and Tim had canneloni, and Linda and I had the biggest sandwiches in the world.   My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  We didn't feel too guilty about the indulgence since we walked there and back up and down hills. 

After some much needed rest for all of us, it was play time!  The kids did puzzles, played games, ran, kicked the soccer ball, and used up some good kid energy.  I attempted to cook Colombian food:  beans, potatoes, and chorizo served over rice.  It wasn't too bad, and all the kids enjoyed the "hot dog" in their bowls.  Following supper, we kept our Sunday evening tradition and walked to get ice cream.  Also in keeping with tradition, Samuel had to potty immediately once we got there. 

The kids were able to play some more, then it was time for showers and to hit the hay.  This was one of our best days in a long time.  Having Brent's parents here was heavenly.  They speak English, are some of the kindest people in the world, are great at playing with the kids, and overall just a joy to be around.  They also are so encouraging, which is beneficial because many parts of the days are not easy. 

Hopefully everybody sleeps in tomorrow morning, and we have another fantastic day.  Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers!  Keep the prayers coming.  We need some specific prayers regarding Samuel's case, and I will expound upon that tomorrow.  Legal jargon is above my head, so I may commission Brent for that blog!  Goodnight family and friends!

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