Saturday, September 20, 2014

Progress with the Court!

To say that I started yesterday morning in a bad mood would be a terrible understatement.  Samuel wet the bed shortly after he went to bed, and there aren't spare sheets here. I changed his clothes and put him on the other side of his bed.  He woke up in the morning drenched again.  Lilly Grace who hasn't wet the bed in nearly 2 years also wet her pants.  Alex nearly wet through her pull-ups.  It was like a urine epidemic, and it was disgusting.  I have no idea the reason, because they drank far less at dinner than normal.  Regardless, it definitely didn't help my already poor mood.  The poor kids didn't deserve my impatience or harshness. Thankfully, children are a lot quicker to forgive than adults. 

Mid-morning I received a call from Raul regarding the process of Samuel's case.  We honestly weren't expecting any news until Monday, and were guarding our hearts for the possibility of not promising news.  However, the Lord certainly hears our prayers!  The judge admitted the case!  Yay! This is the news we have prayed for and long-awaited!  There will be a three week-day period called the adoptability assessment, or something similar.  Beginning on Thursday, the judge has 1-10 business days to finalize the case and to issue Samuel's adoption decree!  Rumor has it that this court is usually on the shorter end of that time frame, but we are trying to be fully prepared for a full ten days.  Once that is complete, we will head to Bogota!

The kids rested for a short while (way too short), and we went on one last adventure while my parents were here.  Cristina took us to the metro which runs to the north and south end of the city and surrounding area.  It was neat to see the entire city without having to get out and wrangle children too much.  The impoverished areas are very interesting to me.  It is incredibly sad, and I cannot fathom living in those conditions.  I should have taken photos, but the metro was too jam-packed.  Also, the kids squirm and move constantly, so meandering around to take pictures was not a possibility. 

That evening we walked to get dinner at the Italian place we have frequented.  It was yummy and the kids were fantastic!  It was a nice way to end my parents' stay here.  They have been so kind while here with us.  My mother has prepared several meals, and cleaned almost nearly every one!  She has kept the counters and tables spotless.  My dad has swept under the kitchen table at least once a day, and has let the kids be a jungle gym on him.  They both played with the kids, read to them, taught them about different dinosaurs and animals, among a million other things.  We are all terribly sad to see them leave, but can't wait to be a mere 7 minutes from them when we are back in Alabama.

Today certainly began early.  We asked our taxi driver, Ruben, to get here at 4am to pick up my parents for the airport.  My phone rang at 3:15 saying he had already arrived.  Yikes!  He had to wait awhile, and my parents left around 3:50.  I teared up as I watched them leave on the security video.  Knowing we won't see them for probably another 3-4 weeks is tough. 

At 4:40 Brent messaged me that he was awake and getting ready to head to the airport in Montgomery.  You cannot possibly imagine how ready we are for him to be back!  In the 6 days he was gone, he had 12 flights and 4 different destinations: DC, Texas, Atlanta, and Montgomery.  He will be back in Medellin around 7:20, and at the apartment by 8:30!  I guess we will learn today how I survive alone with three kids.  Wish me luck!

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